Scrap Metal Pick Up

Dispose of your waste in the most efficient way possible by arranging for a scrap metal pick up. Active throughout Surrey and the Greater London areas, our scrap metal collection specialists are always on-hand to provide you with valuable metal waste management solutions.

Scrap Yard

With the latest facilities and brilliant equipment, our scrap yard handles all forms of scrap metals. What’s more, with our recycling options, you can dispose of your scrap safely, legally, and get paid for it.

Scrap Metal Merchants

If you’re a company looking to hand over your unwanted metals, why not visit our established metal merchants? Whether it’s a load of copper you need shifting or some tools you no longer use, our skilled crew have the facilities to take it off your hands.

Scrap Metals We Buy

No matter the scrap metal, we can put it to good use. From copper and aluminium to zinc and brass, we’re able to put cash in your hands in no time at all. Call our team today to discuss the metals that we buy.

Get in touch with our scrap yard, in Chertsey, Surrey,

for more details on the scrap metals we purchase.

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