Scrap Metal Collection in Chelsea

Sim Vic are a recycling company who specialise in the recycling of scrap metal. We provide you with an accessible way to sell scrap metal in Chelsea whilst fulfilling your legal obligations for the disposal of waste material. We take care of the hard work and remove the metals in your possession that are surplus to requirements.

We possess the hardware and equipment required to weigh your scrap metal and remove it from your premises as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Simply call us today to benefit from our services for metal collection in Chelsea and we’ll arrive at your premises when you require.

Collecting All Scrap Metal in Chelsea

We specialise in the collection of all scrap metal including waste that is often considered problematic. We can process old copper pipes in addition to any other plumbing hardware such as radiators and old boilers. We’re also experienced in the recycling of old factory machinery and equipment which is no longer fit for purpose.

Our expertise in metal recycling in Chelsea also allows us to handle car components, lead fittings and fixtures as well as old cables. Brass, aluminium and zinc are also materials that we regularly process for recycling so get in touch with us today to arrange your scrap metal pick up in Chelsea.

Sim Vic Ltd: For the Best in Scrap Metal Removal in Chelsea

Sim Vic possess all of the permits and licences required for us to offer scrap collection in Chelsea. We have been in business for over 10 years and have experienced rapid growth in that time, allowing us to expand our operations and handle an increasing amount of scrap metal. Our services are available to the trade as well as the general public and we offer some of the best prices you will find in the UK.

Benefit from the value of your scrap metal by calling us today to book your scrap metal collection. We’ll attend your site to weigh your metal and provide you with your payment for its removal before taking it away for recycling at our Surrey based depot.


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