What is Aluminium?

Aluminium is one of the most common elements found on Earth. It is considered a light metal – nearly three times lighter than iron – which gives it a huge advantage in the production of metal objects used every day. Sadly, pure aluminium is not at all durable; however, it is possible to strengthen it with other elements, including copper and iron, through heat treatments.

Aluminium alloys created this way are both lightweight and sturdy, giving the metal a wide range of applications. The durability is high, unlike the fatigue limit. Similar to copper, aluminium is unaffected by corrosion, and becomes covered with its own oxides when exposed to air.

Scrap Aluminium Prices (Per Tonne)

  • Aluminium (AI) – Clean HE9 £800
  • Aluminium (AI) – Painted HE9 £750
  • Aluminium (AI) – Ali Wheels £850
  • Aluminium (AI) – Litho Sheet £900
  • Aluminium (AI) – Pure Ali Quadrant £1000
  • Aluminium (AI) – Pure Ali Wire £800
  • Aluminium (AI) – Ali Cutts £650
  • Aluminium (AI) – Old Rolled Ali £600
  • Aluminium (AI) – Irony Ali £200
  • Aluminium (AI)/ Copper (Cu) - Ali/Cu Rads £1500

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