Where Can You Find Copper?

Copper distinguishes itself from other metals with its unique, red-brown colouration. This aspect has resulted in its use as a dye, however, that’s not the only thing that makes copper special. Copper has a very soft structure and it is a great conductor of heat and electricity, meaning it is a very versatile material for use in electronics. It also doesn’t corrode on contact with oxygen, only contact with carbon dioxide influences it, changing its colour to green.

The durability of copper makes it a popular scrap metal for merchants. Copper is also a common element in many alloys, especially with aluminium, silver, and gold. The presence of copper greatly improves the metal’s mechanical properties.

Scrap Copper Prices (per Tonne)

  • Copper (Cu) – Tinned Copper £3800
  • Copper (Cu) – Greasy Bright Wire £4000
  • Copper (Cu) – New Cu Tube £3800
  • Copper (Cu) – Clean Flat Electro Cu £3800
  • Copper (Cu) – Dry Bright Cu Wire £4200
  • Copper (Cu) – 98% Heavy £3500
  • Copper (Cu) – No 2 Burnt Wire £3500
  • Copper (Cu) – Copper Cylinders £3400
  • Copper (Cu) – Copper Braziery £2800
  • Copper (Cu) – Clean Pyro £1500
  • Copper (Cu) – PVC Pyro £1200
  • Copper (Cu) – Copper Elements £1000

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