• Input-Scrap – Scrap which is ready to be used directly during the steel making process. This steel has a well-defined chemical composition, an acceptable degree of contamination, as well as a form that allows for it to be used as an input in the steel making process.
  • Non-Input Scrap – This is scrap that cannot be used during the steelmaking process. Before its use, it undergoes manual and mechanical processing, which gives it the required dimensions, mass, and form. All metallic and non-metallic contamination is removed during this process.

Regardless of which of the above groups your scrap belongs to, you can count on our team. Here at Sim Vic, we purchase and remove any scrap steel and you can rest assured that it’ll be recycled in the appropriate manner.

Scrap Steel Prices Per Tonne

Stainless Steel – 18/8 Stainless Steel Solids £600

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