Your Local Metal Merchant Offering Scrap Metal Collection in Notting Hill

Sim Vic are an experienced recycling company who specialise in the recycling of scrap metal. We provide all of our customers with an easy and efficient way to dispose of the scrap metal that they no longer require through the provision of professional metal recycling in Notting Hill.

We can provide you with a comprehensive recycling service whether you’re a private individual or operate as a commercial entity, presenting you with a straightforward way for you to sell us your old metal. If you require metal collection in Notting Hill, call Sim Vic today for a recycling service that you can rely on.

We Collect All Scrap Metal in Notting Hill

Our expertise in the recycling of scrap metal allows us to collect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals on your behalf. We possess the ability to collect, process and recycle metals such as steel, iron, aluminium, brass and zinc regardless of the condition they’re in or their quantity.

Our services for scrap collection in Notting Hill also enable us to collect old parts and whole machinery such as plumbing supplies and radiators as well as the equipment you would usually find in factories and manufacturing facilities. Simply contact us today to sell scrap metal in Notting Hill and we’ll be with you at your convenience to collect the items that you wish to dispose of.

Sim Vic Ltd: Providing Efficient Scrap Metal Removal in Notting Hill

Sim Vic are a licensed recycling company who possess over 10 years of experience in the processing of scrap metal. We are in compliance with all of the legislation that governs recycling in the UK, allowing you to discharge your responsibilities over to us for the safe and environmentally responsible recycling of scrap metal.

Our scrap metal prices are amongst the best you will find so call us today to arrange your scrap metal pick up in Notting Hill. We will attend your premises at a time to suit you before then evaluating and weighing your scrap metal and providing you with your payment for its removal.


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