The Experts in Scrap Metal Collection in Soho

Are you giving your Soho home a makeover? Have you thought about how you’ll get rid of all the resulting waste? If you’re throwing away the likes of kitchen appliances, old electronics, a vehicle or old wiring, you could make a significant sum of money by selling them to our specialist scrap metal collectors. At a time that suits you, we’ll come to your home, weigh and collect your metal and then pay you in cash for it the very same day.

At Simvic, we’ve been the go-to company for scrap metal collection in Soho since 2006, making us one of the area’s most highly experienced waste management specialists. Since our inception, we’ve bought scrap metal from tens of thousands of Soho businesses and residents, and we come highly recommended because we pay top rates and work efficiently without cutting corners. Find out how you can help the environment while getting paid in the process by calling us today.

The Environmental Benefits of Metal Recycling in Soho

If we want to make our world sustainable for future generations, we need to do everything we can to minimise our carbon footprint. Mining new metal ores from the ground requires lots of energy and can harm local ecosystems. However, recycling metal requires just a small fraction of the energy used to mine roar materials. Just as importantly, by recycling your scrap metal in Soho, you can play a role in protecting our world’s finite resources.

We maintain a large fleet of vans, grabbers and cranes to the highest industry standards, ensuring no scrap metal collection task is beyond our capabilities. Some of the metals we collect include aluminium, iron, brass, copper and zinc, and you won’t find better rates for scrap metal in the Soho area.

Sell Your Scrap Metal in Soho Today

The next time you need to dispose of a large volume of waste, you should let our specialists salvage the metal and pay you in cash for it. If you have any questions about metal collection in Soho or want to know more about the environmental benefits of metal recycling, then don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 3151 7623.


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