Expert Scrap Metal Collection and Removal Services in St John's Wood

Instead of leaving that large pile of scrap metal on your front lawn, you could call our scrap metal collection specialists to take it off your hands. We can collect metals including brass, aluminium, copper, zinc and lead, and we offer some of the most competitive rates in the St John’s Wood area. In addition to paying you in cash for your scrap metal on the same day we collect it, we recycle as much of your waste as possible to contribute to a healthier environment.

Here at Simvic, we’ve been recycling almost all metals for homeowners and businesses in St John’s Wood since 2006. Thanks to our years of experience and industry expertise, we know how to salvage the metal from just about any item, whether it’s a washing machine, plasma TV or rusty vehicle. If you think that your junk is nothing more than an eyesore, you should get in touch with us to find out whether it’s worth a small fortune.

What Makes Metal Recycling in St John’s Wood So Crucial?

Our world only has a finite amount of resources such as aluminium and copper, yet we’re still mining them from the ground at an alarming rate. Mining new ores not only depletes our world’s supply of natural resources but also requires lots of energy, which increases our carbon footprint. Metal recycling in St John’s Wood requires just a small amount of energy, and it protects the vital resources that we need to sustain future generations.

Because we understand the importance of metal recycling, we aim to offer the most competitive rates for scrap metal in St John’s Wood. We will come to your site or property when it’s most convenient for you to weigh and collect your metal, and we’ll pay you in cash for it the very same day. Learn more about scrap metal collection in St John’s Wood by calling us today.

Contact Us to Arrange Your Scrap Metal Pick-up in St John’s Wood

Instead of letting your scrap metal end up in a landfill, give the experts at Simvic a call on 020 3151 7623 to find out how much it’s worth. You can feel confident that we’ll salvage as much of your scrap metal as possible, allowing you to do your part for the environment while getting paid in the process.


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