Offering Competitive Rates for Scrap Metal in Westminster

Are you giving your Westminster property a makeover or extension? If so, you’ll almost certainly be left with a large volume of waste to dispose of. Fortunately, if any of that waste consists of metal, you could sell it to our scrap metal specialists for a small fortune. We’ll come to your property to do all the heavy lifting, weigh your scrap metal using specialist equipment and then pay you in cash for it before we leave.

At Simvic, we consider ourselves the go-to company for scrap metal collection in Westminster. Since 2006, we’ve collected and recycled metal for tens of thousands of homeowners and businesses, and we aim to remain the most competitively priced company in our industry. Metals such as aluminium and copper are in high demand all over the world, which is why you can sell scrap metal in Westminster for a handsome profit.

Metal Recycling in Westminster: Minimising Your Carbon Footprint

Nowadays, we’re all well aware of the dangers of global warming, which is why we need to continue improving our recycling efforts. Recycling metal uses just a fraction of the energy required to mine new ores from the ground, and it protects our world’s finite amount of natural resources. Plus, thanks to metal recycling in Westminster, you can prevent your waste from ending up in a landfill, which has many adverse effects on the environment.

We maintain a large fleet of specialist vehicles and equipment to ensure no scrap metal collection task is beyond our capabilities. We can collect cars, old wiring, household electronics, kitchen appliances and much more, and we guarantee you won’t find better rates for scrap metal in the Westminster area.

Learn More about Scrap Metal Collection in Westminster

By allowing our waste management specialists to collect your scrap metal, you can minimise your carbon footprint, protect the world’s finite resources and make some money in the process. Find out how much your scrap metal in Westminster is worth by calling us on 020 3151 7623.


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